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Design and Make

   Educator Fusion 360     Adoption

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ACT and Teach your students by Engaging and Empowering them through Education and collaboration to

Design and Make a better world.

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Engineering Concepts

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Autodesk Fusion 360

Adoption Commitment Training for Educators

Course Topics


Day 1 – Dataset importing script, Fusion Team, Folder -Level project Structure, User Interface, CAD Modeling Process, Creating Sketches with Dimensions and Constraint relationships, Editing and Projecting Geometry.

Day 2 – CAD modeling Extrude, Revolve, Hole, Fillet, Chamfer, Mirror, and Shell Features; Construction Geometry, Material Properties an Appearances, Design Section Analysis and Inspection.

Day 3 – Managing Assemblies, Creating Components and Bodies, Move, Align and Assembly Joint Tools, Rigid Groups, Contact Sets and Joint Limits. Create Drawing Views, Annotations, Sheet and Title Block edits, and Exporting pdf Drawings.

Fusion 360 CAD Fundamentals

Our Fusion 360 CAD Fundamentals course for educators helps you get up to speed quickly with learning and teaching multiple design and engineering skills that include:


  • DAY 1 (4hrs)  Fusion Team, Folder-Level Projects and Sketching
  • DAY 2 (4hrs) Part Modeling Features
  • Day 3 (4hrs)  Multi-Component Assemblies and Technical Drawings


Instructor-led (12) hours of Fusion CAD Training

On-demand (4) hours of One-on-One Fusion Support

Course Completion Certificate


Teach your students with

Resources and Datasets


Succeed with our One-on-One

Fusion 360 Support


Leverage Autodesk Investment

Fundamental Training

Enhance your program’s offerings and increase student engagement

Fusion 360 CAM Fundamentals

Our Fusion 360 CAM Fundamentals course for educators helps you get up to speed quickly with learning and teaching subtractive manufacturing workflows that include:


  • DAY 1 (3hrs)  Manufacturing CAM Setups, 2.5axis Milling Toolpaths, Simulation, Post Processing nc programs
  • DAY 2 (3hrs) Surface Topology, 3D Milling Toolpaths -Surface Quality and Containment

Instructor-led (6) hours of Fusion CAM Training

On-demand 4hrs of One-on-One Fusion Support

Course Completion Certificate



Course Topics

Day 1 – Define CAM Setups, 2.5Axis Toolpaths- Face, Adaptive, Contour, Pocket, Stock Contours, Drill, Bore, Chamfer, Toolpath Simulation, Post Processing NC programs.



Day 2 – Understand Surface Topology, Identify 3D Toolpath Types, Surface Quality and Appearance, Toolpath Containment.

Get training and support from our Autodesk Certified Instructors

to quickly learn Fusion 360 software for your classroom.



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their exceptional instructional skills and

product mastery that meets and

exceeds industry standards.



Get high-quality , ready-to-use

Fusion 360 teaching pathways a

nd projects that make it easier to

teach CAD/CAM/CAE concepts

in new and innovative ways.