Test your designs to ensure they will survive real-world conditions.

Simulate your products digitally, reducing the cost of prototyping by using fully validated solvers.

Using cloud credits, set up and analyze multiple tests quickly while eliminating the need for expensive hardware.

Study Breadth

Test for up to eight different failure criteria, including nonlinear, event, and many more.

Compare results and easily visualize the benefits of design changes across 4 different iterations in a single, synchronized view.

Static Stress

Determine displacements, stresses, and other effects resulting from static loads on parts or assemblies.

Modal Frequency

Avoid destructive vibration by understanding the natural frequencies of your systems.

Thermal and Thermal Stress

Understand thermal distributions and how they interact with physical forces.


Predict unexpected failure modes for slender members under compression using simulation.

Non-linear Stress

Analyze permanent deformations and nonlinear materials of your design.

Event Simulation

Ensure your design will withstand various impact scenarios.


Cut solve time or explore design changes specific to the simulation workspace.

Shape Optimization

Identify unnecessary regions in your design for light-weighting, utilizing integrated simulation.

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