Fusion 360 workshops

Discover new ways to teach CAD/CAM and engineering concepts

Autodesk is offering workshops that will quickly bring you up to speed on Autodesk Fusion 360 software – at no cost to you.

Gain new and innovative approaches to achieving your teaching goals, and uncover interesting projects and lessons to bring into your courses.

Want an Educator Workshop?

  • Instructor-led learning

  • Free plug & play curriculum

  • Invite your colleagues

Enhance your program’s offerings and increase student engagement

Whether you’re interested in how to teach the full end-to-end CAD to CAM workflow using a single software, or you want to dive deep into generative design, Autodesk Certified Instructors are here to help empower you to unleash your students’ potential.

“The workshop showed me a much easier way to approach teaching my students about design for manufacturability. I am excited to schedule more sessions with my colleagues!” 

—Jeritt Williams, Engineering Technology Faculty, Illinois State University

The Fusion 360 software, the curriculum, and the workshop are all provided by Autodesk at no cost to your school, your colleagues, and your students.

Generative design model
  • Future of Work

  • Introduction to Fusion 360

  • Integrated CAM Manufacturing

  • Generative Design Exploration

Finally, when you’ve finished your half-day workshop, you’ll have a dedicated partner to guide you and answer any questions that come up.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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