The Vertigo MX3-N is the larger Vertigo CNC: with a cutting envelope of 1200mm x 1200mm x 120mm it is perfect for those bigger projects. The Vertigo MX3-N is sized to fit half a sheet of plywood, most hardware stores will have timber suited for this size and will usually cut wood to size free of charge if needed.

The Z axis also has 140mm of travel which comes in handy when cutting thicker materials and using long cutting bits.

The Vertigo MX3-N CNC features a PVC vacuum bed. This is a huge advantage as it enables you to cut clamp-free!

The MX3-N bed has 3 vacuum sections the can be sealed off individually, depending on what size piece you are cutting. By sealing off the unused areas you can maximise suction. The pipe is a standard 40mm and is designed to be used with a shop vac (not included) for convenience.

The bed of the MX3-N additionally features four 1200mm long universal T-slot rails a convenient distance apart for work holding. The machine comes with 6 T-bolts allowing you to get up and cutting as soon as possible.

The PVC bed is also moisture resistant and durable as well as being lightweight, giving the machines a sleek but functional aesthetic.

Vertigo MX3-N Specs

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