The Vertigo MX2-N is the mid-sized Vertigo CNC; with a cutting envelope of 1200mm x 600mm x 120mm it offers additional size for larger projects. The Vertigo MX2-N is sized to fit a quarter sheet of plywood, a convenient size that most hardware stores stock so you don’t have to worry about pre-processing.

The Z axis also has 140mm of travel which comes in handy when cutting thicker materials and using long cutting bits. 

Both Vertigo MX1 and Vertigo MX2 machines use acme lead screws to drive each axis with power being provided by NEMA 23 stepper motors. This design provides the Vertigo CNC superior accuracy over similar belt driven machines.

The Vertigo MX2-N CNC features an MDF bed that is durable and easily replaceable as well as adds strength to the machine

The bed of the MX2-N features 8 full-length universal T-slot rails, placed a convenient distance apart for workholding. The machine comes with 6 T-bolts of different sizes, allowing you to get up and cutting as soon as possible.

The lead screws are held in place by a dual angular contact bearing to take load off the motor. The bearing is then held in place by a sleek bearing cap that is precision manufactured in-house. 

Vertigo MX2-N specs

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