These clamps are designed and manufactured in-house. They are a must-have addition for any Vertigo CNC owner and will help make work holding a breeze.

Our sleek design is manufactured from high-grade 6061 T6 Aluminium, which is then glass-blasted to remove tool marks and to help give the clamp a smooth finish, and finally topped off by being anodized black.


Our range of rocker clamps features a serrated edge to help decrease the chance of your work slipping (as per image).

Included in the kit:

  • 4 x Rocker clamps
  • 4 x Plastic wing nuts 
  • 6 x Flat washers

  • 6 x Spring washers 
  • 6 x 50mm T-Bolts 

Dust Shoe

Machined out of billet aluminium, anodised and assembled by Vertigo Technologies, the two-piece dust shoe is essential for any serious CNC user.

While the dust shoe is designed for the Vertigo CNC, we can supply versions to fit other CNCs as well. 

CNC Touch Probe (X Y Z)

CNC touch probe, capable of full X,Y and Z probing with our added probing macro for CNCjs.

This is ideal for saving time and helping to increase probing and setup accuracy.


The Vertigo Technologies designed touch probe features a recessed pocket to allow for quick and easy stock alignment. It also features a status LED. 

Package Includes

  • Touch probe (with 3m cable)
  • CNCjs App 

Setup instructions & download app…


This probe will work out of the box with all Gen2 Vertigo CNC controller’s (Gen2 controllers are the grey box that connects to the rear of the router).

The probe will work with all other Vertigo CNC routers but will require an extra adaptor and will require soldering to install. (Only on older generation CNC routers that have the controller mounted to the side of the gantry plate is this required).

These clamps are just the first in a wide range of work holding solutions that the Vertigo Technologies team is currently working hard to develop.

Add these to your shop to maximize production. 
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